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    1. Install the Preons UI: Follow the guide to install the Preons UI into your project.
    2. Build a user interface quickly: A 15-minute guide on how to install Preons and start building a website.
    3. Generate your own library: Generate your own library using the preons.yaml configuration file

    What is Preons

    It is a functional CSS system for building user interfaces. It's designed with three things in mind:

    • A functional CSS library
    • A theme
    • A CLI to generate your own libraries

    What does it look like

    Take the button below as an example:

    This is what Preons looks like:

    <button class="bwa0 bg-hotpink white h4 pl3 pr3 db w-100">
      Sign up

    Start contributing

    This project is still undergoing lots of development to produce features. Please checkout out the roadmap to learn what features are yet to do. More so, there are lots of tests, documentations, components and examples that are needed. Any help will be appreciated.

    Give feedback

    Any feedback that can help improve this project is welcomed. You can personally @me on Twitter.